Our spring flower share (CSA) which is community-supported agriculture, is a prepaid, local flower delivery program. You choose either 4 or 6 weeks of delivery, which typically begins in late March or early April, whenever the flowers begin to bloom.

Wrapped bouquets of flowers on a table.

This flower share is a consecutive, weekly delivery to local customers and the dates cannot be chosen. Sorry, we try to be flexible, but you cannot skip a week or ask for delivery to another location, as we are a one-woman operation! Please message us for delivery charges and areas we cover.

We grow: fancy daffodils, Dutch irises, sweet peas, ranunculuses, anemones, and poppies for this program. The bouquet is a large, lush, paper-wrapped arrangement that is left in a paper cup of water on your doorstep. The flowers typically last more than a week (up to two weeks!) if cared for properly.

Thank you for supporting our farm.